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Sep 21, 2021

Betting providers will soon discover a new market with eSports. The eSports boom not only since 2020. But now, with the shutdown, all the more. At the same time, however, the number of viewers and the acceptance in the traditional sports industry are increasing.
When betting of any kind, caution must be exercised. Nobody can fail the future. A sports bet can increase the fun while watching, but it is usually feasible with a very small stake.
What can you bet on in eSports?
In general, this is a team or individual competition in a computer game in one of many disciplines. Players and fans prefer games of the following genres:

Shooter, Action (CS, Call of Duty series)
MOBA – (Dota, LOL)
Sports (FIFA, NBA)
Fighting games (Streetfighter; Tekken)

The eSport has become more popular, the development is increasing rapidly. This is due to the emergence of new disciplines, the increase in the scope of the championships, the arrival of new skilled players and amateurs. And of course sales are growing in this area and in the surrounding area.

For example, the 2019 top prize at the Dota 2 tournament was nearly $ 32 million. Most of the prize money in Counter Strike was in 2016/17. In each competition, the award was one and a half million dollars. Therefore, we can safely say that eSport has been on the world market for a long time and is growing rapidly.

Nowadays there is no longer any need to search and waste time to place bets as it can be done in virtually any betting shop. The representatives of this market are specialized eSport betting providers. To understand where it is better to bet, one can check the quality and characteristics of the bookmakers.

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