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Diamond support looking for regular team

pc - English (UK) by Spiffing
Posted on 30 Jun 2020

Server: Europe

I used to play for a scrim team for a few months before and throughout Blizzard's Echo tournament as off support playing Lucio mostly but also play Ana, Zen, Bap, Mercy, brig, Moira in order of most played. I left as they were US-based and while it didn't bother me at first I would prefer games at a more reasonable time. Looking to enjoy the game and the competitiveness nature of it so I'm searching for individuals to play with that are 18+ also not looking for 100 player+ communities and the likes
Contact me Via discord:


    I am currently forming a gold/platinum team for a large group. We have approximately 2000 people in said group and can offer you the following:
    - Toxic free players (no toxicity!)
    - Free available coaching (individual & team)
    - Weekly practices/scrims
    - Tournaments

    If you have any questions or are interested please message me on Discord at WhiteRabbit#8248 or email me at bunnierabbitow@gmail.com

    Thank you! ♥

    by WhiteRabbit

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