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Dps player looking for a team!

pc - Sweden by AlexTB#21675
Posted on 25 May 2020

Server: Europe

I was in a team called "Vendeta E-sports" and "Tablespoons" first one shut down and the other one is just not filling my requirements due to that we only scrimed and was never playing comp/ they where only playing overwatch when we did scrim. So i would like to find a team again so i can start climbing and just get better at the game with a group. My experience with the game is pretty wide, i have owned the game seince pre-order but haven't till now started trying and playing it as much as i have wanted. I would say that i am a "fun" guy who just loves a possitive comunity that can joke around while being serious in the right moments :) My mains Are, mccree, sombra and doomfist, but i can flex with most dps. I would say i have a lot of potential the only thing holding me down is solo queing. If you are looking for a projectile/ hitscan player who is good at communicating look no more!

I'm from sweden but i speak fluent english

My discord:Alex Tennisball#3634

S-21 was my season high 3134
s-20 was my season high 3342
S-19 was my season high 2038


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