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is playing: reaperis playing: Roadhogis playing: McCreeis playing: reinhardt

Looking for a Team

pc - by lev24
Posted on 23 Apr 2020

Server: Europe


--- I have started playing Overwatch a few months ago, around January 2020.
--- I am currently ranked around mid-silver both with dps and tank.
--- I play mainly dps and tank.
--- Heroes I usually play with: --- McCree, Reaper, Doomfist, Reinhardt, Sigma, Roadhog ---
but I am on my way to learn new ones as well.
--- Languages I speak: English (around C1 level) , German (around C1 level) and Hungarian (mother-tounge).

Career Profile: https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/career/pc/lev24-2419


- playing casually
- playing competitive
- participating in cups and tournaments


    Hey I saw your post on Overwatch Teamup and thought you might be interested in Rapture Gaming Community(XBOX/PC)(NA/EU)(17+)

    We're a large and expanding community, currently seeking more members for our Phoenix Battalion which includes games such as Overwatch and CoD. We are currently building up the PC side of things (recently moved from forums to all discord to prepare for next Gen and increase in cross play).

    If you would like to join use the following link!

    by rG SpecialK WL

    I see that you are looking for a team to play with. I am currently forming a silver team and if you would like to join that would be lovely. This gaming group that I am a part of offers you the following:
    - A toxic free place
    - Free available coaching
    - Weekly scrims/practices
    - Tournaments

    If you are interested or have any questions please feel free to message me on Discord at WhiteRabbit#8248 or email me at bunnierabbitow@gmail.com.

    Thank you ♥

    by WhiteRabbit

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