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pc - USA by DerpyHusky#11412
Posted on 04 Jun 2020

Server: America

Hey there! I’m DerpyHusky#11412 I’m a Overwatch player that’s looking for a team! Nothing too serious but I wanna get out of where I am and I believe a team will do it! I’m a Bronze tank at 1.4 and a dps at 1.0 and my support is 1.5
Silver.. I’m really good at adjusting to others play style and flexible with all sorts of characters.

If you are interested I gave my BT but I’m also available on discord @ DerpyWicket360#9873
Thanks for looking at my ad and I hope we can be in touch


    Hey I saw your post on Overwatch Teamup and thought you might be interested in Rapture Gaming Community(XBOX/PC)(NA/EU)(17+)

    We're a large and expanding community, currently seeking more members for our Phoenix Battalion which includes games such as Overwatch and CoD. We are currently building up the PC side of things (recently moved from forums to all discord to prepare for next Gen and increase in cross play).

    If you would like to join use the following link!

    by rG SpecialK WL

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