Looking for team to compete with

Server: America

I can flex all three roles and can play whatever is needed. I am a high gold/low plat who mostly plays rein, hog, pharah, soldier, mercy, lucio, and moira. I'm looking for any team who'll have me to compete with, and to become and overall better teammate and player. I believe I'd be a good addition to any team that'll have me.


    Hi This is ParZival from Team Absurdity, we want you to play for us. We are a small eSports team with upcoming tournaments. Please bring any friends as your team as long as they are plat or above. If you are interested please message us on instagram @team_absurdity. We hope to see you on the battlefield.

    by ParZival

    Contact Jackson Wenzel (Jclay1234 #1487) now

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