pc Division: grandmaster Language: Age: 18+ Using Discord
is playing: reinhardt

Looking for team to do scrims and or tourneys with | GM main/off tank player 4.1k

pc - USA by YƐƐZYǃ#1362
Posted on 16 May 2020

Server: America

I am a 4k tank player who can flex to any tank but am strongest w rein/hog/sig

very good w blocking shatters/ outplaying enemy tanks/ making huge plays/ shield management/ positioning/ listening to callouts/ being the alpha tank line

msg me if interested

Discord: Anthron#7160


    Hello how are you? I have a team which is gold and search for good players. I'm don't know if you want to play with low players but if you wont then write me

    by LoStPiX

    Contact YƐƐZYǃ#1362 now

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