pc Division: bronze Using Discord is playing: genjiis playing: pharah

Looking to get back into the game a bit with a duo q in any SR!

pc - by Slumbear
Posted on 14 Sep 2020

Server: Europe

Hey, I am a projectile DPS (mainly Pharah/Genji). My peak is 4.4k, but I haven't played the properly in a while. I dont think I plan on playing it that seriously anymore anyway, but I wanna try to enjoy it again with a duo q, preferably a support!

About me:
I've recently turned 20 years old and plan on studying Computer Science. I'm really passionate about games and in my freetime I do some game developement myself. I'm from germany, so I can speak either german or english.

I hope to be finding someone who preferably plays support (if it synergizes with Pharah/Genji, so Mercy/Ana that'd be cool, but its not a must.) and someone who I can play with over maybe a longer term.

Feel free to add me on discord!


    Hey, I'm a mercy/Moira main from the UK! I suck at ana and zen but can play pretty much any other support

    by EnglishFox#21519

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