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pc - USA by íŦVÒĪĹ#2522
Posted on 09 Apr 2020

Server: America

Hey, my name is Voil/Loading I'm a Top500 Player In Overwatch I have over 500+ scrim hours and 100+ tournament.
I decided to make a community were I have players from all ranks and I put them together in different teams and put them in tournaments, I believe this is a good way to meet people and get to know other people> I highly believe Gaming will be really HUGE! in the next years, I personally don't have any personal requirements besides age- 14+
Maturity, and Follow general rules.


    Hey I'm interested in joining.If possible would you mind DMing me on discord JCM#2260

    by 게으른티탄#36541

    Contact íŦVÒĪĹ#2522 now

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