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Creating a New Competitive Team (Silver/Gold/Plat)

pc - USA by SumDumN00b#1734
Posted on 10 Sep 2020

Server: America

I'm primarily a DPS player (Low-Diamond peak), but can flex to multiple roles if needed. Looking to start up a new NON-TOXIC PC Competitive Team, to have fun and progress with. Looking for all roles currently, to fill roster. You can send me a friend request on Discord at sum_dum_n00b#5568 or just message me here through Overwatch-Teamup.com. Look forward to meeting you, and trying to build a new fun team.


    Hey, I know you said creating a comp team but i have one already and you are welcome to join. just message me at litemash#1916 on battle net or discord at litemash#7606.

    by litemash

    Contact SumDumN00b#1734 now

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