pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 16+ Using Discord is playing: D.vais playing: Luciois playing: Zaryais playing: mercyis playing: zenyatta

[EU][PC][2k-3k][LFP] ZombiePirats are a ENG team

pc - German by ZombiePalme
Posted on 28 Jun 2020

Server: Europe

__**Requirements are: **__
- Be Gold or Plat
- Excited to play in a team and want to learn / improve in a team setting
- Avalibility for scrims and vod reviews
- No toxcicity or bad attitude
- Passion to learn and improve
- Positivity during scrims and games, despite the outcome

__**What are we looking for:**__

Zen, Lucio, Brig

**Off Tank: **
-Dva, Sigma, Zarya,
-If you can play Hog then awesome!

__**What we offer: **__
-Weekly Scrims
-Weekly VOD Reviews
-Passionate Players who share the same goal to improve
-Link on the Youtube Channel

If you like to be one of the First in the ZombiePirates Add me on Discord ZombieGamer#8998