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pc Division: gold Language: Age: 18+ Using Discord Team Website:
BATTLETAG: Miiu#2878

FAC recruitment

pc - German by Miiu#2878
Posted on 27 Apr 2019

Server: Europe

[FAC] First Assault Command Multigaming is recruiting :

what u need :

-SR above 1800 or SR above 2500
-be fluent in English or German
-write a small application on our forums (https://overwatch.arn-net.eu/) or apply directly at our Staff via Discord
-be able to work in a team
-be available at least 15 hours per week
-be able to take criticism
-follow a rank order (Community)
-don't be toxic
-be at least 18 years old

What we offer :

-3 Different Teams for different Skillgroups
-Nice teams with a Discord to communicate via Text and also a Teamspeak Server for Voice Communitcation
-Strat Coaching/Team Coaching
-well experienced managment and a way to archive something in Overwatch Competitive

We are currently looking for following roles :
-all possible roles

We have newly formed team's and do not have a full roster yet
DM with a question or an application if interested.