pc Division: diamond Age: 18+ Using Discord

LF Staff and Manager in Overwatch

pc - by Glemdal
Posted on 31 Jul 2020

Server: Europe

Power Nappers are looking for driven and positive personalities to help us form and develop our community in to something more.

For all positions we require the following:
- 18+
- Being able to speak and write in English without difficulties.
- Being positive and driven.
- Being organized and punctual.
- Enjoy working with others.

**All positions are currently volunteer**

We are currently looking for the following positions:

Social Media Manager
- We are looking for an individual that is familiar with social media, twitter especially.

General Discord Staff
- This will include helping out with PUGs, tournaments and any questions and difficulties that arise.

PUG Admin
- Is responsible for PUGs, it’s schedule, ruleset and any difficulties that arise. Working together with other Staffs to provide a great experience for its players.

Tournament Staff
- Planning, Setting up and organizing tournaments. Working together with Admins and other Staffs to provide a great experience for its players.

Manager for Team
- Providing information for the team, setting up scrims, being the contact-point of the team.

We are offering more that just a position, we want to integrate you in to a great community of friends and different personalities. While your responsibilities and your position will take up a portion of your time here, we hope that you will enjoy your time spent here and hopefully find a place where you can be yourself.

About Power Nappers:

Power Nappers was founded on Novemeber 5th 2018 by Glemdal. Back then it was only an overwatch team. Over 2 years have passed and this summer Glemdal decided to expand the organization by adding another team, setting up PUGs and in the future host tournaments. All of this wouldn’t and won’t be possible without any staffs. That’s why we are in need of you right now. :)

Any questions should be addressed to “Glemdal#5652” on discord.


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