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Like Clockwork Starting Roster Recruitment.

pc - English (UK) by JamZX
Posted on 28 Jul 2020

Server: Europe

At Like Clockwork we strive for greatness and take every opportunity we can.
We aren't only look for the best player but we are looking for players who are willing to improve and commit to the team. People who do this will reap all the rewards given to them by the team and the connections you make through us. Here at LC we make sure everyone is doing the best they possibly can and is working to highest level possible, if this means taking an extra hour to help them then we at LC are happy to do it if it improves our team and players.
Our managers have extensive experience in the esports scene with lots of connections to help individuals or rosters get the most out of their career. We have dedicated staff that are always looking for ways to improve the team and themselves.
And here at LC...

We hope to run Like Clockwork


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