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pc - English (UK) by TheKiwiOfLife
Posted on 10 Apr 2020

Server: Europe

I am a 2600 / 2700 Reinhardt main, with a lot of experince and a passion for the game. I believe with teammates who are of the same SR and want to climb, reaching diamond / master is doable. I have been held back for years by my ability but now that I am experienced, climbing is now only difficult due to the random chance of getting trash team mates.obviously I am not some god but my Reinhardt is atleast diamond level and with teammates who also feel as if their rank is cucked by shitty players and are actually quite good I think climbing will be a piece of cake.

I have a friend who is currently 2500 but is easily as good as me just unlucky over the last weeks with SR, he mains Zarya, can play DVA, Winston and rein. I also main DVA and can play Winston, orisa. We both can play hog. Our strengths lie in Combining as Zarya and Rein or Dva and rein/winston.

We need:

2 main healers who are passionate about the game and have experince
2 main DPS who have good aim and know the game well

This isn't some official team, me and my friend are just looking for a stack that are decent and we can climb with, playing most nights for around 2 hours. If you are good and at this rank or higher and want to queue with us, please contact me either on email: dylan.raffielo@gmail.com
instagram: dyl.rh

Sidenote: it would also be good to have new teammates who are with us consistently as we can all recognize eachothers mistakes and try to improve as individuals and a team. Players (including me and my friend) should be open to criticism/advice and try and play with the team.

This will be layed out more clearly if you decide to join.


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