pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 14+ Using Discord

Open possitions on multiple teams [NA]

pc - Canada by GTBPR00#1553
Posted on 01 May 2020

Server: America

Hey you, it seems like you're interested.

My name is GTBPR00, I am looking for players in every role, for the time being.
I have 2 teams I need to fill, as both teams will play with and against each other on a regular basis.
Don't worry scrims will be independent of each other.

so here are the requirements
- Must have a Discord account
- Must be willing to learn
- Must attend practices 1x per week minimum
- Keep toxic behavior to a minimum
- SR Must be a minimum of 2700 AVG. (feel free to try out if you are lower SR rating)

*These requirements are subject to change

Send me a message on Discord, if you feel you meet the requirements
GTBPR00#8801 (Discord)