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Overwatch Team LF members

pc - English (UK) by Adam
Posted on 19 Jun 2020

Server: Europe

[EU][PC][2k-3k][LFP] – The new Esport Team ZombiePirates is now looking for Players. You will be a part of the Main Team playing most of the Time.
Our goals are to improve as players, entering some tournaments along the way.

Requirements are:
- Be Gold or Plat
- Excited to play in a team and want to learn / improve in a team setting
- Avalibility for scrims and vod reviews
- 16+
- No toxcicity or bad attitude
- Passion to learn and improve
- Positivity during scrims and games, despite the outcome

What are we looking for:

Off Tank:
-Dva, Sigma, Zarya,
-If you can play Hog then awesome!

Main Tank:
Rein, Orisa, Winston
- If you can play ball that is awesome!

Off Healer:
- Moira, Bap, Ana

Main Healer:
Zen, Lucio, Mercy, Brig

What we offer:
-Scrims as often as possible
-Weekly VOD Reviews
-Passionate Players who share the same goal to improve

Add AdamH#7811 on Discord


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