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BATTLETAG: Drew#14186
is playing: reinhardt

OWL is our Final Objective

pc - USA by Drew#14186
Posted on 12 Jan 2020

Server: America

Throughout my adolescence, I spent playing in high tier games like Dota 2, TF2 and Csgo, until the jewel we have today called Overwatch came out. My goal is to take an elite team to Ow contenders and then the OWL. I am sure it will be a reality.

I'm a former Main Tank with best pick 4.200, during games I found amazing players to team up with and because of that now we want to build a strong team, We're currently looking for 2 healers ( Main and Off ) that can join our team!


    Add me on discord - azkii#2426 I am interested in trying out for main support.

    by Azkii

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