pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 20+ Using Discord

[PC] [NA][2.9 SR] Fireteam Cobalt is looking for a DPS player

pc - USA by Jelly#12147
Posted on 01 May 2020

Server: America

Fireteam Cobalt is a competitive Overwatch team that believes in a tenacious, positive, and growth mindset. Looking for like minded players who are students of the game. As part of the growing Limit Break Gaming organization, we have long-term plans to stick together across the lifespan of Overwatch. We will achieve our goals and continue to push past them. Looking forward to playing with you. DM me for details.


Age: 21+
SR: 2.9k+ (+/- 200)

**Looking For** Projectile DPS / Flex DPS (Competency in Widow, Genji, Mei, and/or Sombra a plus!)

**Schedule** Sun, Tues, Thur - 9:30PM - 11:30PM EST (match days and times vary)

**Team Goals** 2020: Finish in league playoff and/or compete at Masters level 2021: Compete in Open Division in 2021 or sooner

**What We Offer** Discord with great community management with 10+ years experience
Team coach (soon)
Scheduled scrims, tournament participation, and targeted practices


Contact Jelly#12147 now

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