pc Division: platinum Language: Age: 18+ Using TS

(PC)(NA)(2500 SR) LFP building an amateur overwatch team 18+

pc - USA by McJagger#21652
Posted on 11 Sep 2020

Server: America

Hey guys,

I’m looking to start an amateur over watch team of adults for mainly people in platinum. I will go up and down one Elo though (gold-diamond). Must be 18+, as this will be group for adults. Here’s my purpose and plan if you decide to join

3 weekly practice sessions (3pm-5pm mountain standard time) practice days will rotate to give everyone a chance to play but times will remain consistent must be able to make at least 1 per week to remain active part of the team

our goal is to improve individual and team play we will accomplish with the following ( playing together, reviewing vods of team, giving each other “hw” on what we can improve)

-toxicity won’t be tolerated! We all have heated moments but if a majority of the team doesn’t like the behavior you get the boot! Must be able to take constructive criticism! We are all trying to help each other.

I need one tank (flexible), 2 DPS (preferably a hits can for one)and 2 support (need at least one main heal). And 3 extra alternate positions (one role each)

Communication is key in a team setting so even if you aren’t the most talkative person I just need you to understand the importance of improving that skill

-Eventually the goal is to get us in some tournaments and scrims with other teams. But forming chemistry has to come first and I don’t want to put a specific timeline on anything.

So that’s it, if anyone’s interested or have any questions DM me at my battletag (its my profile name) or you can email me at a1cgravois@gmail.com. Thanks guys!


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