pc Division: silver Language: Age: 18+ Using Headset Team Website:
BATTLETAG: Snuggles#11445

Team Cerberus is looking for Tanks and Healers (Bronze and Silver)

pc - USA by Snuggles
Posted on 17 Sep 2020

Server: America

Hi All,
Team Cerberus is in search of Bronze/Silver Tanks (Main and Off) and Healers for our esports team.
About Team Cerberus
We are part of the Calypso esports organization who houses several teams ranging from Bronze to Masters. We compete in weekly to monthly scrims with each other as well as tournaments with several other teams. We are always looking for competitive/casual players, coaches, and casters to help our organization grow.

We are a fun, light hearted, team with the goal of continuing on professionally in the esports world. Our team meets 2-3 times a week for practice and team coaching, however, we understand that everyone has their own obligations to tend to and don't require 100% attendance but request that you maintain in communication with the team managers.

- Must have microphone
- Must be 18+ years of age
- Must have access to Discord
- Must be willing to adapt to a team setting
- Must have a want to improve as a player, be open to critiques, and willing to be coached

How to Join
You can get details as well as access our team application at
Afterwards, join our Discord below so we can assign you into our team

Want more information?
PM me or message me on Discord (Snuggle Trumpet#5381) with any questions and I'll gladly answer them to the best of my ability.

Want A Preview?
Want a taste of our team before you commit? Come to one of our team practices (Friday @ 4p EDT and Sunday @ 2p EDT) and play along with us. Just ping me on Discord (Snuggle Trumpet#5381) or on Overwatch (Snuggles#11445) and I'll get you in to our next team meet.


    Hey, am a high silver/low gold support main from UK. Do you have to be US based to join?

    by EnglishFox#21519

    Hi EnglishFox,
    Honestly, we already have someone from Europe on our team so I don't see why you couldn't join. If you're interested, you can either use the sign-up link above or contact me on Discord.

    by Snuggles

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