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Team Integritas

pc - USA by IllusioN#12861
Posted on 07 Jan 2020

Server: America

Team Integritas is a fresh, new esports organization with many different teams for a variety of games. We are currently looking to start up our own Overwatch team. We are looking for decently experienced players who want to improve their skill with a team and are excited to get into the esports scene.

We are looking for:

High golds or higher

Nontoxic players

Players that will take constructive criticism

Players that will understand and revise mistakes to get better

Players that have a good sense of most of the hero’s in their role

Players that are active

Players that are serious about getting into the esports scene

What we can offer you:

A nontoxic community

Friendly teammates

Teammates who can take criticism

We are also looking for a Shield tank and another support.

If you are interested, feel free to send me a DM @IllusioN.INTG#9380 on discord with details of yourself.

*Note that if you are not interested in joining a team with younger players, this team may not be for you.


    Hi im looking for a team and just strated being a gold i can play most of the heroes but im tank player i play winston, sigma or rien. I tried finding u in discord but it doesnt work if you want to dm me GG-Harry(ProudPug)#9782

    by HazzyO

    Hey I'm interested in joining. I tried to find you on discord but I couldn't find you. If possible would you mind DMing me JCM#2260

    by 게으른티탄#36541

    Contact IllusioN#12861 now

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