ps4 Division: gold Age: 16+ Using Headset

LGBTea is currently recruiting! [PS4][NA&EU][SR BRACKET 0 - 2999]

ps4 - by Noxczi
Posted on 10 May 2020

Server: America

LGBTea is currently recruiting! [PS4][NA&EU][SR BRACKET 0 - 2999]

Looking for:

-Silver, Gold and Plat players

-Main support, especially mercy for all those cute mercy mains out there

-Off support, mainly lucio

-Hitscan Dps

-Projectile Dps


-Must be 16 and above!

-Coachable and up for some critique

-Good comms

-Being able to have time for scrims and practises and matches!

-Active on discord

-Non-toxic behavior and able to follow directions!

Benefits of being part of our team:

-We are all a family who are striving to grow together as players

-Multiple coaches for you to get the coaching you want and are available to VOD review and have 1 on 1 coaching sessions on multiple heroes!

-We aim towards two scrims every week in addition to the weekly match in the weekend

-And of course a very good time while still being competitive

If you are interested please dont hesitate to send a message and we can get everything sorted! Discord: Axocze#0001


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