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Tactical Gaming- Looking for new members!

xbox - USA by TG HSquared
Posted on 06 Nov 2019

Server: America

I have been with Tactical Gaming for just over 3 years, and we are looking for new members! We have a very active OW XB1 group that are divided into teams based off of skill rating and hero preference. We have people from bronze to grand master! If you are interested check out , message me here, or on XBox gamertag is TG HSquared for more information!

(We also have PC and PS4 teams that are looking for new members too!)


    Hi! I am interested in joining. I main DPS, defense, and Tank.

    by fran_1616

    Hello i am also wanting to join i main DPS, defense and heals. :)

    by LemonMango93526

    I'm a Phara/Bastion/Moira main. located in the UK. I own a mic. competitive silver. looking for a team.

    by Mage

    I’m a pharah, tracer main but I can flex into mercy, zen and Moira

    by BloodTheSlayer

    i'm dps / healer / tank, rank 3500, GAMERTAG pebicleber .

    by gyo123

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