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Xbox Overwatch League looking for new people too join!

xbox - USA by Storablegnat69
Posted on 03 Jun 2020

Server: America

Hello there! The Better Academy Xbox community is now recruiting teams and free agent players for Season 4 of the Better Academy League!

BA started out as a small xbox Overwatch community that wanted to be a chill server that people of all places could have fun and play Overwatch in a close-knited community. When we started our first season we had 8 teams and only 1 tier. Nowadays we have 4 tiers based on CGL's tiers and 40+ teams with many more on the way! Our tiers go from T1-T4.

Tier 1 (team average SR cap 2500, individual SR cap 2750)

Tier 2 (team average SR cap 3000, individual SR cap 3250)

Tier 3 (team average SR cap 3500, individual SR cap 3750)

Tier 4 (team average SR cap 4000, individual SR cap 4250)

Season 3 is currently coming to a close but we are looking to start season 4 in July!

Better Academy is a non-toxic environment dedicated to Xbox Overwatch players who want to improve at the game, and we have players from Bronze all the way to GM! We are reaching 900 members in our server and we are hoping you'll be the next member to join our community!



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