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What does legalizing Vegas gambling mean for esports?

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The integration of E-sports into the world of casinos could create a host of opportunities for both casino operators and players alike. For the last couple of years, there have been talks on how E-sports can find their way to Las Vegas casino floors. After all, E-sport watching is not any different from sports tourism. People have a history of following their favorite teams across the world. They visit every destination around the world to watch their teams battling it out. And the same thing could happen in the world of E-sports if it is legalized.

What e-sport legalization would mean for both casinos and gamers?

Gamers currently don’t have a place they can call home. The world doesn’t have a secluded destination that e-sport fans can look up to whenever a tournament is around the corner. But this could also give casinos an opportunity to reposition themselves as the ultimate home for those who want to watch e-sports. Furthermore, internet casinos like Royale Vegas online casino would leverage on e-sport gaming to attract even more users. Unfortunately, it is still not clear how online casinos will do it. But there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for casinos based in Las Vegas. This is something that has actually been tested and found to be very lucrative in the city.

The challenges

Before the Sin City can fully accommodate e-sport activities, a challenge still lies ahead. Basically, e-sport gaming needs to be formalized to allow regulators come in for purposes of allowing wagers to bet on their favorite players.

Major sports league like NFL and NHL have a governing body which is dedicated towards overseeing their activities and how people bet on them. However, in competitive gaming, nothing of this sort exists. There are no rules either, and this further complicates matters.

Whereas pro-gaming league and ESL have already begun testing players for drugs, this is just a tip of the iceberg. Many leagues have been left behind. The barrier will remain erected until the leagues, their teams and players are formalized just like what happens in traditional sports. When this happens, we will finally see e-sport book betting becoming widespread.

Tournament scheduling can be a challenge as well

Large scale tournaments can last for days. Besides that, getting them started on time can be a challenge especially where e-sport is involved. Setting up enough space and creating a party that can run for days is equally a challenge. Energy needs to be kept at a consistent pace.

But still, e-sport betting could revolutionize the casino industry altogether. Land-based casinos at Las Vegas could finally realize a new form of entertainment as millenials seek creative means to spend time at casinos.

On the other hand, if you a typical player of Royal Vegas online casino games, you’d finally be treated to a wide variety of choices since internet casinos are never left behind in matters related to gaming. We’d finally see a situation where online casinos are offering slot machines and at the same time doubling up as an e-sport betting casino. That’s a real possibility.