DarkLion Esports is looking for a Teammate!

pc - Thailand by Haribo#22794
Posted on 21 Jan 2019

Server: Asia

Hey Guys!

DarkLion Esports is looking for a teammate in the SEA region. Our team is actually a Thai team, but we do accept teammates who're not Thai
If you are interested in our team you can contact @Haribo or Xunwu_FirstyRP#7516

Team requirements:
- Must be in the south-east Asia region example Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Philippines, etc.
- Must have a mic
- Be available most of the time when called
- Friendly and willing to improve oneself or the team
- Must accept that our players are mostly Thai and can only speak English a little bit

Hero requirements:
MAIN TANK: 3000+ (+-200) Rein Orisa Wins
OFF TANK: 3000+ (+-200) Dva Zarya Hog
DPS HITSCAN: 3000+ (+-200) 76 Mccree tracer
SUPPORTS: 3000+ (+-200) Ana Mercy Lucio Brig Zen


Contact Haribo#22794 now

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