Healer main looking for team

pc - English (UK) by LilMunchkin#21353
Posted on 14 Oct 2019

Server: Europe

Wanting to get into Overwatch a bit more seriously as of late, I once was nearly Master ( around 3300 ) SR back when I played the game Competitively, but as of recent I started playing with friends who are in Silver and got my way allll down the ranks to there, but now I have climbed back to low Gold, as maining healer is nearly impossible to turn the tides of a game which will result in a win..

I never rage, I am very soft spoken and I am always up for voice chatting along with calling out where people are etc. If you wish to contact me please add my discord: R42#5786 to ask me any more questions! Thank you all ^^


    I'm currently trying to form a team to practice with and to play ranked with.
    Currently we're looking for a DPS (hitscan would be prefered) and a secondary healer (zen, brig, lucio)
    Other than what you play, we're looking for people who:
    Play in gold
    Have a mic and can use it
    Speak english
    Wants a fun atmosphere to play and grow in
    And ofc some one who is focused on wanting to grind for a higher rank!
    hit me up on discord if you're interested!
    Discord: Kragziz 2.0#2690 (there is a space between z and 2)

    And we're also looking for flex/backup players in case some one cannot play for some reasons!

    by Kragziz#2164

    Contact LilMunchkin#21353 now

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