pc Division: diamond Language: Age: 20+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Blate#11644
is playing: traceris playing: reaperis playing: D.vais playing: Meiis playing: Roadhogis playing: Junkratis playing: Soldier:76is playing: McCreeis playing: winstonis playing: pharahis playing: symmetrais playing: bastionis playing: hanzois playing: zenyattais playing: Anais playing: Sombra

Looking for team

pc - USA by Blate11644
Posted on 13 Jan 2020

Server: America

Hi, my name is blate, im a plat/diamond dps player, and im looking for a team.
My hero pool includes tracer, soldier, sombra, pharrah, mei, junkrat, reaper, hanzo, mc cree, mei and symmetra, I can play a decent doomfist, genji, ashe and torb.

I am looking for an oportunity to play with players that I can coordinate with, and im willing to work hard for it, I do listen to feedback and will switch or learn new heroes if required, if you are interested please feel free to dm me


    add my discord McQueen™#3732

    by McQueen#11750

    Just did, im Blate

    by Blate11644

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