pc Division: master Language: Age: 18+ Using TS is playing: traceris playing: genjiis playing: McCreeis playing: Widowmakeris playing: hanzo

Masters DPS looking for a team

pc - Polski by ĊǞPȐƗDǾǾ#1102
Posted on 03 Dec 2019

Server: Europe

Hi! I’m 18 years old, Genji/Hanzo Main in master, looking for semi pro team.
I’m at 3576sr at the moment.
I main Genji/Hanzo but playing projectile like Mccree/Widow/Ashe/Tracer is no problem for me.

What I can offer:
-Flexible schedule for scrims.
-Competitive attitude.
- I’m coachable.
- Good teamwork.

What I’m looking for:
- Team at masters to grandmasters tier.
- Scrims and Vod reviews.
- Discord Communication.

If you are interested hit me up on Discord!


Contact ĊǞPȐƗDǾǾ#1102 now

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