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[PC-EU] [2K8-3K2] Flex Support, Main tank or Hitscan DPS LFT

pc - Belgium by Zka#21229
Posted on 20 Feb 2019

Server: Europe

[Zka is looking for a TEAM - 2K8-3K2 ]
LFT as Flex Support, Hitscan DPS or MainTank

Discord : Zka#3971

- Currently looking for a serious team to play 6 stacks
- Speak French or English.
- Very calm person open to critics.
- 28 years old

- Hovering between 2k6 & 3K2 sr.
- Experienced in DIVE and GOATs compositions.

What I can bring to the team ?
Positivity - Shotcalling - Strategy Thinking - Time and good will.

What am I expecting from the Team ?
- Scrims
- VOD reviews
- Online tournament
- Gameplay and coaching analysis


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