Searching for ( Cup ) Team

pc - by EroSenninKa#21379
Posted on 26 Feb 2020

Server: Europe

Hello! My name is Richard ( my friends calls me Ritsu ) and im Plat since Season 14, right now at Tank role is 2790SR, Support is 2642SR.
Im searching for a team that plays in cups, take part in scrims.. I want to improve myself to my fullest potential, take part in tournaments, and be in the Overwatch Open Divison. :D

Im a very positive person, a team player, an almost fluent english speaker, ( sometimes i forgot words, but usually not in the important part of the game ) understands the game, the strats, ( or atleast i think i understand ) but i play alone because i have no friends, or team who play with me. :'(

Thank You for reading!

Yours Sincerely: Ritsu


    If you're still looking for a team or even just some friends to avoid solo q then message me on discord! :3 Starlight#0555
    I'd love to game with you and help you rank up! OD is definitely on my list as well!

    by #Starlight

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