pc Division: diamond Language: Age: 20+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: mynkya#2351
is playing: Zaryais playing: mercyis playing: Ana

SR farm + casual scrims? Support Player

pc - English (UK) by mynkya#2351
Posted on 14 Sep 2019

Server: Europe

Hey, I'm a Support main that's been playing OW on and off since the Open Beta, I've always hovered around Diamond rank but I've never truly applied myself and gone out of my way to improve. I've now gotten the bug to strive to become at least Masters, and I'm looking for anyone else who might feel the same way !!

Also have 3+ years experience of playing Competitive TF2 as Scout and Medic

I'm a native English speaker and very vocal and communicative, I've got thick skin and can take criticism, and can doll out banter and tease you when morale is low

My main heroes are Ana and Moira, though I can play pretty much anything except Lucio.
Still a little rusty on Bap tho

Add me on Discord @ mynkya#2377, or Battlenet if you don't use Dcord


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