pc Division: platinum Age: 30+ Using Discord
BATTLETAG: Catch23#21487
is playing: zenyattais playing: Ana

Supportmain LFT

pc - by Catch23#21487
Posted on 12 Jan 2020

Server: Europe

Hi everyone.
Im a supportmain looking for a team to play with. Ive played OW for quite some time now. I would say I can play pretty much all supports, but my mains are Ana, Zenyatta and Moira.
My peak was low masters a few seasons ago. Took a long break and just brushing up my supports again.
Currently im high plat/low dia sr, and grinding my way back up... GOD I hate plat in solo queue xD
Anyway - would love to get together with a team with good ambitions and like to evolve as a team.

Thats all for now


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