Looking for a team eu flex tank

ps4 - English (UK) by SOA Subset
Posted on 13 Feb 2020

Server: Europe

Hey, I’m 14 and I’m looking for a team who play often. I am currently 2900 but I’ve reached 3200 in tank, I am a flex tank but I personally like to play off tank as I do a whole lot better playing off tank.
I currently live in England and want a team from Europe.


    Hey man I’m 16 and low diamond I can flex each role and I’m very positive if u want to play send a friend request to PSN: rexmarius

    by Rexmarius

    Hello, Im the Co-owner of a recently Formed Overwatch Community Called Deimos.
    We are a Mostly NA Server though are eagerly looking to expand to the EU and OCE region, and to kick this off we are looking to start our first EU Team.

    What We Offer
    ~ a Safe and welcoming Community
    ~Community Events PUGS, In House scrims, and possibly the upcoming tournament
    ~Active and Helpful Staff
    ~Coaching Staff
    ~Streaming promotion
    ~LFG for any rank
    ~an active Overwatch player base We play comp on the daily


    Be Active with in discord and in game

    Be open minded and non toxic

    Looking For:
    DPS: Hitscan and Projectile players wanted
    Tank: Main and Off tank Wanted
    Support: Main and Off support wanted

    If interested please DM Fable#7815 on discord

    by Kajomc

    add me on PS4: ICE_BLVCK
    I am 2800
    Play every tank besides Sigma Winston and Ball
    I am 15 years old

    by ICE_BLVCK

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