pc Division: silver Language: Using Discord

Champion Sound 1100-2000SR Team LFMs.

pc - USA by Chisei
Posted on 28 Sep 2019

Server: America

Hello! We are Champion Sound; a small community of gamers whom strive to thrive in the competitive scene. Together we evolve our skills, and offer lower division teams for even those silver and bronze players who want help.

The average for this team I’m looking for is 1100-2000SR. If you want to learn and get better come join!

Eventually we want to compete in tournaments, but for now we are small and growing.

Anyone is welcome to join, whether it be to find others who enjoy competitive, or to join one of our other Overwatch teams. Join up with other recruits, learn under coaching, and find the flaws that hold you back. Together we can be Champions!

Discord: https://discord.gg/ZUmHpQa