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Group available!

pc - English (UK) by TheSilentSpark#9516
Posted on 02 Dec 2019

Server: Europe

~EU~ ~GB~ ~LFM~
An open group for anyone to join, no matter skill range or rating!
Looking for mid gold/low plat players for scrims, 6 stack comp and just general overwatch and chill <3

Friendly channel with intentions of friendly games moving to creating a competitive scrim/comp group if you're up for it!!

Requirements for ~Friendly~ games;
-Sense of humour
-English speaking

Requirements for scrims/comp
-All of the above +
-MIC is a must for good communication.

Contact @Snazzyy @TheSilentSpark @Aqua for more information or just join and jump in a group chat and chill!

Link https://discord.gg/ww5GpS3


Contact TheSilentSpark#9516 now

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