pc Division: bronze Language: Age: 14+ Using TS

Hi! If you're looking for an awesome, active community...

pc - USA by LexxTalon#11236
Posted on 19 Sep 2019

Server: America

We'd love to have you!

Membership benefits include:
- Daily events with our huge player base
- In house tournaments to help step up your game
- An awesome coaching system that pairs you up with our higher ranked players to help fill the holes in your play
- a KILLER competitive environment for those interested in joining/creating teams
- A zero toxicity environment

- Be 13 +
- Have a mic, and be willing to use it
- Did I mentioned zero toxicity?
- Be an active member both in voice, and on our forums

For more information, add me on Discord (LexxTalon#3459) or in game (Syxx#11937), and let's chat


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