pc Division: bronze Language: Using TS

LFM all 2k-3k that want to improve

pc - USA by Roulette#11197
Posted on 14 Sep 2019

Server: America


Only Other Option is a new team looking to take players serious about trying to improve and wanting to actually play more than once a week in a scrim setting. If you are in the SR of 1800-2500 range send me a DM for your chance to play with a great group of people.

SR 1800-2500
Looking for Tanks and Supports
Mature 16+
Schedule 8/9pm EST most days

Join the discord and put your application in the correct chat so we can schedule a tryout! https://discord.gg/cfj8D5B


    2650 dps and off tank

    by Shawzrr#1802

    I’m DPS main 1716 sr (1835 is my highest but I de ranked for solo queuing with throwers and toxic players)

    by Snow#16862