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SAP-G OW Team Looking for Players

pc - USA by Drofyar#1280
Posted on 03 Dec 2019

Server: America

Hello, I am Drofyar Captain for The SAP-G Overwatch Team. We are currently looking for players to fill our main roster as well as a few players for subs. Our main roster is currently looking for all roles. We are currently looking for players mid-plat to low-diamond for the team. Must have the ability to communicate/coordinate with the team and listen to calls. We typically start practice around 8 pm EST on Mondays. Once we get a steady team going we will be doing scrims Saturdays at 8 pm EST. This practice time (Monday 8pm EST) is a requirement for joining the team if the time slot does not work for you consider joining as a sub player. If you would like to try out for the team or schedule an interview, feel free to join our Discord Server (https://discord.gg/ku8xcvp), and message either me (Drofyar#6105) or our current team manager (Fornanm) for any questions.


    Hey im a EU player but I play American server due to my work I am typicaly up throughout the night, Im a diamond support main would I still be able to try out?

    by Spiffing

    Contact Drofyar#1280 now

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