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Team Yoinkers Looking For A Main-Support

pc - English (UK) by ProCamper69#2532
Posted on 01 Oct 2019

Server: Europe

[EU][2.8K] Yoinkers is now looking for players!

What we offer:
-Friendly Environment
-Weekly VOD Reviews
-Passionate Players

-Being within 2.6k Range
-Able to scrim from 20:00 PM CEST to 22:00 PM CEST (Monday to Thursday)
-Able to participate in GitGud EU Season 4
(Friday and Saturdays)

What is required from you as an individual:
-Toxic Free
-Passion to learn
-Positivity during scrims, despite the outcome

What are we looking for (within 2.7k SR Range)

Main Support:
-Able to play Moira, Ana and Mercy

Contact me for more information


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