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Pathfinders seeking members for 3k> SR team

ps4 - USA by KurisuBaka
Posted on 03 Dec 2019

Server: America

I'm looking for a DPS player and a Tank to fill my roster for an Elite team. I am the captain of Pathfinders as well as staff for a league called Talon Community. We currently have Academy and Elite which is <3000 and 2750>
If you're interested in checking out the league you can find us on discord at

If you're interested in joining my team you can check out my community server which has all of our team channels as well as my twitch community.

Our team is mostly 3k-3500 we're in need of a main tank who can play Orisa/Rein as well as a flex DPS. We currently have a projectile player and a Hitscan on our roster. All I ask for joining the team is that you remain active within the community. I know life takes priority and I'm very understanding if you can't make it to a scrim or a game I just ask that you communicate that with us.

If you're 4k+ and would be interested in joining as a coach we would always appreciate the extra help and would love to have you in our community.

I'm not necessarily in need of a Support player but I still welcome you to join and check things out. I wouldn't mind adding another player to my roster if you'd be beneficial to our team. Any questions please feel free to message me on discord or here. My username is KurisuBaka#0734


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